Industry – Aerospace
Materials Used – Oxygen Free Copper (OFC), Borosilicate Glass (Corning 7740) and Silicon semiconductor.


To maintain a robust hermetic seal under extreme thermal gradients. Liquid hydrogen needed to be stored in a glass tube section sealed on opposite ends to two extremely divergent materials with polar opposite material behaviors (Silicon and OFC).


How to hermetically bond and maintain a durable connection between a low thermally conductive material (silicon) on one end, and a highly thermally conductive metal (OFC) on the other.


IJ Research performed an exhaustive evaluation of the appropriate approach to a robust hermetic seal. Once completed, a multitude of innovative steps were taken to resolve the base difference is thermal and mechanical behaviors such that the parts succeeded in testing. Once IJ Research had fully validated the hermetic seals of the assembly it was then exposed to a tremendous thermal shock of -299°C and then immediately to +400°C, while still maintaining full hermeticity.



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