Joining of Dissimilar Materials

STC Material Solutions is a leader in the joining of dissimilar materials.  We are a manufacturing company of electrical feedthroughs and opto-electronic windows along with various ceramic to metal seals, bonds and packages. In 2021 STC completed the acquisition of IJ Research, Inc., a leading pioneer of hermetic sealing and brazing. Since then, IJ Research has been branded under the newly formed brand as STC Material Solutions – Hermetics Division.

Starting our service in 1988, we have been involved in hundreds of new designs, material selections, evaluation and testing, prototyping and production responsibilities. Many of the projects faced challenges in design, materials selection and scaled up production. We currently carry 5, 10, 15 and more than 20 year old projects in their established production stages simultaneously while working on new projects.


We offer a broad range of joining services (design assistance, material selection consultation, prototyping and production) to customers regardless of the application field. We cover all applications in major markets including medical, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, and telecommunication. Other specialty parts are used in applications involving particle physics, neutrino research components, microwave windows, biomedical electrical connectors, optical windows or lenses, nuclear, x-rays, X band radar, etc.

We are a uniquely tailored company able to handle challenging projects with less complicated approaches and will provide our service in whatever format is requested. i.e. R&D service, design consultation, material selection, and evaluation criteria. We operate with on-time delivery, extremely low rejects from customers, and a strong sense of commitment.

Contact Us

STC Material Solutions can help you with your need for joining dissimilar materials. We are a brazing house located in Southern California and serve the local Orange, San Diego, and Los Angeles Counties as well as international customers. Please contact us for any questions you might have concerning our capabilities and knowledge. Just one call or meeting with our highly experienced Engineering team could be all you need for your objective. 1-714-546-8522 and/or If you have an established design in place, please send drawings for a prompt quote.

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