What does IJ stands for?
IJ stands for Intelligent Joining. IJ Research’s specialty is in joining, bonding, sealing, coating or electronic packaging using ceramic and metal together.

Is IJ Research a manufacturing company or a research organization?

IJ Research is a manufacturing company. IJ Research is our chosen name with an idea to convey our internal R & D capability to customers who may need initial research and development and qualification of IJ Research and its processes as needed prior to volume production. IJ Research is not a pure research organization.

Why do customers come to IJ Research?

Hermetic sealing requires certain technologies and expertise on manufacturing know-how. From our many years of operation in the field (since 1988), customers are aware of our outstanding reputation of quality, on-time delivery and a solution source for challenging projects. All the projects we process on a regular basis have been through strict qualification stages before regular production modes. We take great pride in the successful completion of initial development stages and customer satisfaction. Customers quickly recognize how their projects naturally transitions to production.

IJ Research historically has maintained extremely low rejection rates from the customers. We keep on time delivery with the exact quantities on the PO. IJ Research is a dependable vendor for many customers.

What are the typical products in the Production Department?

Typical products include feedthroughs, structural seals of ceramic and metal and optical sensor window assemblies. Applications include military optical sensor assemblies, optical window assemblies and electrical feedthroughs for oil/gas applications, metallized ceramics for telecommunications, electrical feedthroughs for automotive applications, ceramic to metal seals with spiral geometry for analytical instrumentation, graphite metallization for military application, and many combinations of feedthroughs and optical windows in one unit.

Do you work on small jobs?

All of our current orders started as a prototype or small quantity qualification lot. We understand the initial job is critical to our future growth and invest substantial engineering resources into development. While many repeating production orders are in volume, all prototypes are small runs. The opportunity to work on initial qualification lots is considered an opportunity for us in terms of both collecting knowledge and potential future orders. Our customer’s success is our success, no matter the scale of the project.

How much can a customer depend on IJ Research?

Customers heavily depend on our service since we often developed the unique processes and we have our duty to meet the customers’ needs. Please contact us for any questions you might have concerning our expertise, experience, practice in manufacturing or development jobs.

Can you speed up your development work of a challenging job?

Our motto is to “Get done today what can be delayed until tomorrow”. We move very quickly and refuse to delay, postpone or push out. We are  committed to strong communication and collaboration with our customers to ensure we meet or exceed the expected timeline. We have no competitors in terms of responsiveness and rapid processing.

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