Industry – Aerospace

Materials Used

IJ Research specified high temperature metal
IJ Research specified high temperature ceramic
IJ Research specified metallization system and braze


To seal two metal ring washers with a ceramic disc sandwiched for a thermal cycle application between room temperature and 850 °C while hermeticity is maintained throughout the extreme thermal excursions. For the oxidizing environmental condition of the application, the braze material needed to be non or slowly oxidizable without thermal degradation in the seal area.


There are myriad issues for applications with multiple requirements like this. Mainly, what materials should be used to meet the entire requirement and how to process so that the sealing itself is not damaged in service.


Understanding thermo-mechanical behavior of the materials in application requirements permitted IJ Research to quickly introduce the optimal materials for the project.


The utilization of the low grain boundary ceramic oxide material proved extremely robust in application and provided even better performance than our customer had anticipated.



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