Background: Industry - Medical device Materials Used - Titanium alloy (FDA approved), AR coated Sapphire window Requirement: An anti-reflective (AR) coating needed to be applied over a sapphire window and survive 1,000C high temperature braze processing. The coating of the sapphire could not show any physical delamination, crazing, or degradation of the optical properties such as transmission and/or reflectance in the specific spectral regions.
Background: Industry – Aerospace Materials Used – Oxygen Free Copper, Borosilicate Glass (Corning 7740) Requirement: To maintain a robust hermetic seal under extreme thermal gradients. Liquid hydrogen needed to be stored in a glass tube section sealed on opposite ends to two extremely divergent materials with polar opposite material behaviors (Silicon and OFC).
Background: Industry - Medical device Materials Used - Titanium Alloy (FDA approved, not specified intentionally), Biocompatible Stabilized Zirconia Requirement: Requirement was to seal a component oxide ceramic and Ti metal alloy with nothing in-between. The most common sealing material in medical implant is pure Au. In this situation,
Background: Industry - Aerospace Materials Used - IJ Research specified high temperature metal, IJ Research specified high temperature ceramic, IJ Research specified metallization system and braze Requirement: To seal two metal ring washers with a ceramic disc sandwiched for a thermal cycle application between room temperature and 850 °C while hermeticity is maintained throughout the extreme thermal excursions. For the oxidizing environmental condition of the application, the braze material needed to be non or slowly oxidizable without thermal degradation in the seal area.
Background: Industry - Aerospace/optoelectronics Materials Used - Quartz window (with AR coating), SST 304L housing Requirement: To Indium solder and hermetically seal quartz glass window in SST housing with no flux for an ultrahigh vacuum application.
Background: Industry - Defense Materials Used - Graphite, IJ Research metallization formula Requirement: To metallize graphite for structural bonding of ceramic to graphite.
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