Due to the ever-increasing high power and high density requirement in electronic and optical devices, thermal management has become a serious issue in all industries. Recent advances in power electronics have generated vast increases in power density, inevitably creating more waste heat. Current devices create high heat fluxes of more than 1,000 W/cm2. These heat flux levels raise device temperatures, leading to reduced efficiency, current or wavelength shifts and lower durability. This problem becomes even more challenging when coupled with requirements for low pressure drops, enhanced reliability, compact size, light weight and low cost. Existing thermal management solutions offer a heat dissipation capability around 50-300 W/cm2. This severely constrains the power level and power density that the system can operate, resulting in bulky structures and poor efficiency. Our development and products offer heat fluxes (densities) in the range of 50 – 1,000 W/cm2, removing design barriers and allowing for smaller, faster, and more efficient devices.

Greater Materials Selection

Aluminum and copper are not our only choices. We build electronics, optical packages and heat sinks with the latest materials available, from the standard aluminum and copper to more exotic carbon and its composites. Combined with our proprietary bonding and strength enhancement technologies, we create packages that are customized to fit your current and emerging applications. With past intensive research and development experiences and in-depth knowledge of the materials for such applications, we have built our reputation on thermal management component manufacturing. Thermal management solution demand has been recently increased.

Pioneering New Advances

IJ Research has been a pioneer in thermal management development. Some developments are listed below:

  • High density and high power electronic packages.
  • Microelectronic packages made of AlN, Pt and Au plating with high thermal and electrical conductors.
  • Powerful heat shrinks consisting of Poco graphite carbon foam brazed to AlN base plate. The initial application was for high power electronics of DC motor control where excessive heat was generated by the solid state electronics of the motor control. A similar concept was also applied to a high power X-band radar system.
  • Brazed assemblies using Direct Bond Copper (DBC) on AlN substrates.
  • Brazed assemblies using Copper Moly (CuMo) and Copper Tungsten (CuW) substrates.
  • Thick film heaters using AlN substrates for heat distribution.
  • Light weight and highly efficient strengthened carbon foam. This is a practical application for vehicle radiators. For high efficiency, the strengthened carbon foam was brazed with the heat exchanger frame material of either aluminum or copper. The size and weight of the radiator was considerably reduced without compromise to the efficiency. This allowed for reconsideration of the radiator location.

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