IJ Research boasts a highly skilled, well-trained, and experienced manufacturing department. Under the Production Manager’s supervision, Manufacturing Group leaders, Manufacturing Process Engineers and Manufacturing Technicians form an efficient and independent team. The Manufacturing Department runs a double-shift to permit maximum usage of manpower and facility.


The quality department is operated and managed independently from the manufacturing team. Consisting of some of the longest-tenured employees, thorough and disciplined inspections have earned them a trusted and respected reputation. Each inspector’s ability to critically analyze and understand engineering prints has contributed to a rigid quality system and IJ Research’s overall success.


A team of Materials Scientists, Mechanical Engineers, and highly experienced technicians make up the engineering department. With their own set of process equipment, instrumentation and tools, the engineering department handles design, testing, and R&D responsibilities. Additionally, all orders are accompanied by hands-on engineering support. IJ Research strongly believes in the critical nature of the engineer’s role in the success of a product line.

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