The table in the .PDF below is our Sealing Glass List based on oxide glass, oxide glass-ceramic (devitrifying) and oxide composite for sealing dissimilar materials together (glass/metal, glass/glass, glass/ceramic, ceramic/ceramic, and metal/metal.

These are the samples of what IJ Research has either previously developed or modified from commercially available materials in order to meet a specific requirement. As an example, to seal with Cu or Al, a high thermal expansion glass, #1069 was formulated. It was also used as a coating material for Cu and Al. To seal Quartz and Quartz, we made a low thermal expansion material, #1087. There were some requirements to seal ceramic and metal for their application temperature higher than our sealing temperature. One example is #1040 and used primarily with Alumina and Kovar (ASTM F-15).

IJ Research is one of, if not the, only companies with the capability to formulate a custom sealing or coating oxide (mostly vitreous). IJ Research formulates for specific applications and uses for in-house processes only. The materials are generally not for sale and are for our use as a part of our service.

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