IJ Research has full scale, in-house electroplating capabilities for:

  • Nickel per AMS 2403 (AMS QQ-N-290A) and ASTM B689
  • Gold per ASTM B488-01 Type III (MIL-G-45204)
  • Copper per MIL-C-14550 and ASTM B734

This in-house specialty allows for quick turnaround, high purity and guaranteed adhesion without needing to rely on an outside vendor. Our plating line is fastidiously cleaned, maintained and cared for. The choice to bring this common, yet delicate process in-house has vastly improved our overall quality and manufacturing know-how.

Electroplating or electrolytic plating deposits the selected metal on electrically conductive surfaces of a part. Non-conductive surfaces can also be plated using electroless plating processes or after thick/thin film metallization. Our chemical processing capabilities also include passivation, electro-cleaning, and electro-polishing.

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