We offer a variety of ceramic fabrication methods for molding and grinding. Molding techniques include extrusion, slip casting, isostatic pressing, hydraulic pressing and sintering. Grinding methods include green machining, precision diamond machining, lapping and polishing. Our precision post-sinter machining allows us to produce complex geometries with precise tolerances (+/- .0003”). We are familiar and experienced with practically all fine ceramics. We produce all popular ceramic shapes: boats, crucibles, plated, rods, tubing, rings, balls, bolts and nuts, etc.

Fabrication Methods Pressing and sintering
Injection Molding and sintering
Extrusion and sintering
Slip Casting and sintering
Green body machining and sintering
High Precision Grinding and polishing
Natural gas or electric kilns
Shapes Boats and crucibles
Pins and rods
Tubes and pipes
Rings and washers
Balls and beads
Bolts and nuts
Intricate and complex parts
Materials Alumina (Al2O3: 96% and 99.8%)
Translucent Polycrystalline Alumina
Spinel (MgAl2O4: Magnesium Aluminate)
Macor (Corning Glass-Ceramic with
approximately 46% SiO2, 17% MgO, 16% Al2O3,
10% K2O, 7% B2O3 and 4% F)
Sialon (Si2ON2: Silicon Aluminum Oxynitride)
Nitrides: AIN, Si3N4
Carbides: B4C, TiC, SiC
Borides: TiB2, ZrB2
YSZ and MSZ (Yttria and Magnesia Stabilized ZrO2)
ZTA (Al2O3/ZrO2)
Cordierite (Mg, Fe)2Al4Si5O18; Magnesium Aluminosilicate)
Mullite (Al6Si2O13: Aluminosilicate)
Mica Composite
Steatite (Mg3Si4O10(OH)2: Magnesium Silicate)
Forsterite (Mg2SiO4: Magnesium Silicate)
Diamond, Graphite, C-C Composite

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