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Thermal Management
Oxide Ceramic or Glass:

Both electronics and photonics devices operate at higher power densities and higher temperatures than ever before. Recent advances in power electronics generate vast increases in power density inevitably creating more waste heat. Thermal management of the large quantity of waste heat becomes a major issue on the recent and modern requirement in the field. Current and near future devices can create extremely high heat fluxes of more than 1,000 W/cm2. These heat flux levels will raise device temperatures, leading to a reduced efficiency, current or wavelength shifts and lower durability. This problem becomes even more challenging when coupled with requirements for low pressure drops, enhanced reliability and compact size, light weight and lower cost.


Fortunately, advances in materials, cooling techniques, package design and manufacturing process have been developed to meet various application devices and systems in different working conditions and environments.

Pioneering New Advances

IJ Research continues to be on the cutting edge in thermal management packaging and heat sink technology with enhanced thermal management performance. The company provides not only the intelligent concepts to tailor the customers’ specific needs, but also robust products. The products offered by IJ Research in thermal management is so effective that the reduction in its size and weight of the system becomes very attractive to customers. As a result of many years of intensive research and development conducted by the scientific team of IJ Research, the company presently offers various modules of custom designed heat sinks and electronic packages combined or separated as well as heat sinks solely for photonics applications. The company is accepting orders for such modules or seperate components of heat sink or package. One of the heat sink examples is shown in Fig.1 and one of the module examples for power electronics is shown in Fig. 2. The applications include high power laser, high power radar, high power vehicle radiator and few variations of modules for many other high power electronics.

Fig.1. A 3DNMC microchannel heat sinks

Fig.2. A module of package and heat sink

Surfaces of each part need to be oxidation free during the soldering and as-prepared parts; they should be free of oxidation as much as they can be. In general except precious metals, many of the metals are not stable in our standard condition and naturally form a layer of oxidation on their surfaces. More surface more oxidations. The surfaces need to be protected all time from the naturally occurring oxidations. Simple bagging will certainly help since we have a sufficient amount of oxygen in air for this oxidation. Once a soldering is completed, the solder joint should be free of stress entrance points. A simple contact angle test shall tell you if the processing condition was sufficiently adequate for a good metallurgically wet seal.

Greater Control

All thermal management products are created to control the waste heat dissipated by various devices. Existing thermal management solutions offer a heat capability around 50-300 W/cm2. This low heat dissipation capability severely constrains the power level and power density that the system can operate, resulting in a relatively bulky structure and poor efficiency. Our development and products offer heat fluxes (densities) in the range of 50 – 1,000 or more W/cm2, removing design barriers and allowing for the design of smaller, faster, more efficient devices that you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Greater Materials Selection

Aluminum and copper are not our only choices. We build electronics, optical packages and heat sinks with the latest materials available, from the standard aluminum and copper to more exotic carbon and its composites. Combined with our proprietary bonding and strength enhancement technologies, we create packages today that are customized to fit your current and emerging applications and requirements. With the past intensive research and development experience and in-depth knowledge of the materials for such applications, the company has built up its reputation on the thermal management component manufacturing, especially in recent years. Thermal management solution demand has been recently increased.

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