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Thermal Management
Due to the ever increasing high power and high density requirement in high power electronic and optical devices, thermal management has become a serious issue in all industries. IJ Research has been a pioneer in thermal management development.

Some developments are listed below:

  • High density and high power electronic package
    Microelectronic package made of AlN, Pt and Au plated high thermal and electrical conductors

  • Powerful heat sink for electronics
    Carbon foam heat sink is brazed with AlN base plate. Carbon foam is product of Poco Graphite. Please visit their website, www.poco.com for detailed physical properties. The initial application was for high power electronics of DC motor control where excessive heat was generated by the solid state electronics of the motor control.

  • Powerful heat sink for high power laser and radar
    Both AlN and the foam materials are being used for its efficiency. Applications have been in high power solid state DC motor control and high power X- band radar systems where excessive heat is generated.

  • Light weight and highly efficient carbon foam radiator
    Poco’s carbon foam has been strengthened to approximately 400% (as of 2006) of the original strength without compromising the overall thermal properties. This is a practical level for various vehicle radiator applications. For high efficiency, the strengthened carbon foam has been brazed together with heat exchanger frame material of either aluminum or copper. Due to the high efficiency, the size of the radiator has been reduced considerably from the conventional bulky size to a compact size with a lighter weight. The location of the radiator has been also re-considered.

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