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Sealing Glass List

The following table is our Sealing Glass List based on oxide glass, oxide glass-ceramic (devitrifying) and oxide composite for both our process of sealing various combinations of dissimilar materials together and they could be for glass and metal; glass and glass; glass and ceramic; ceramic and ceramic; and metal and metal.

These are the samples of what IJ Research has been either developed past years or modified commercially available materials in order to meet specific requirement from customers. As an example, to seal with Cu or Al, a high thermal expansion glass, #1069 was made. It was also used as a coating material for Cu and Al. To seal Quartz and Quartz, we made a low thermal expansion material, #1087. There were some requirements to seal ceramic and metal for their application temperature higher than our sealing temperature. One example is #1040 and used primarily with Alumina and Kovar (ASTM F-15).

It is believed that IJ Research might be one of the very few companies that have its own capability of formulating a sealing or coating oxide (mostly vitreous). IJ Research formulates for specific applications and use for the processes in house. The materials are generally not for sale and they are for our use as it would be a part of our service.