Hermetic Seal

Both our ceramic to metal seals and glass to metal seals are all hermetic as customers mostly require. Our hermeticity can be as high as to 1x 10-11 He std. cc/sec at 1 atm. diff.

Our process control system based on the thermo-metallurgical and thermo-mechanical behavior of the materials ensures required hermeticity. When/if a sealing material has to go through its microstructural phase change, IJ Research certainly controls its nucleation and crystallization parameters so that final seal would attain a proper ratio of vitreous and devitrified phases and also obtain the desirable level of thermal expansion of the sealing material that closely match to its mating components of housing (or flange) and conductor leads (pins or tubing) or windows (or lenses).

When/if a particular sealing material has to go through its optimized oxidation/reduction process, IJ Research certainly controls its thickness of the sealing area surface so that the final seal would attain its maximum interfacial adhesion strength. The adhesion strength IJ Research provides is usually far greater than customers’ actual requirements and this is one of the reasons why IJ Research products hardly rejected by customers’ inspection points.

IJ Research is particularly a choice who looks for a solution seal of a challenging project. Some examples are listed below:

  • A fusion bonding Cu or SST 300 series to Corning 7740 borosilicate glass (Pyrex)
  • A hermetic seal for between -300OC to +300OC thermal excursions
  • Hermetic seal of alumina/Cu ring (5” in diameter)
  • Hermetic seal of alumina/a metal ring (3” in diameter) for a thermal excursion 1,000OC span
  • Sapphire/Ni alloy for -60OC to 400OC under 20,000 psi

IJ Research might be largest sapphire user in the US in terms of brazing application. Virtually all of our manufacturing stage assemblies once were started as IJ Research development prototypes. These established manufacturing stage assemblies are being produced regularly at IJ Research Production Department.

Some examples are deep ocean floor sapphire sensors, ceramic to metal seals for cochlear implants, defibrillators or cardiac pacemaker parts, medical sensors and optics, defense carbon products for subsequent brazing, travelling wave tubes, etc.

Virtually all IJ Research products are hermetic regardless they are for medical, aerospace and defense, telecommunication and semiconductor, oil and gas, chemical plants, or analytical applications. Applications are endless from missile guidance, missile interceptors, thermal imaging, radar, satellite, catalytic converter, radiator, detonator, pressure transducer, etc. Our customer list includes worldwide known medical companies, major oil companies, the US defense prime contractors and many subcontractors, major telecommunication companies, many sensors and detector manufacturers throughout the world.

Also refer to corporate literatures Glass to Metal Seals,Ceramic to Metal Seals and Medical Feed Through.

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