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Glass to Metal Seal

IJ Research uses both match and compression seals. IJ Research produces feed through based on Kovar flange and Kovar pin match seals as well as the compression seal of the combination of stainless steel housing with Alloy 52 pin. For opto-electronic windows, we use borosilicate glass as window or lens in Kovar flange. In match seal, there will be a direct glass fusion of glass to metal for hermeticity. In the compression seal, there will be predominantly a radial thermo-mechanically induced compression force and often sufficient for a required hermeticity.

Besides these routine match and compression glass to metal seals, IJ Research services challenging seals using others than the commercial sealing glass products. For the product line of opto-electronic window or lens assemblies, we use sapphire, optical spinel, diamond, optical filter glass and a few others in various different metal flanges. IJ Research uses sealing glasses either from market place or from our stock. We formulate and produce specialty glasses for various seal applications that may be different from the routine match and compression sealed assemblies. Some of them are listed below. For sealing glass what IJ Research offers in specialty sealing, please refer to our corporate literature called Sealing Glass List.
The Sealing Glass List as shown in a Corporate Literature contains some of the glasses IJ Research formulated or IJ Research modified commercially available glasses. Many of them can still be used as either a match sealing or as a compressions sealing concept depending on how we utilize them.

IJ Research is particularly a choice who looks for a solution seal of a challenging project. Some examples are listed below:

IJ Research has its capability of sealing metal and glass together regardless it is for electrical feed through or opto-electronic window application. If there is a lack of materials to choose from, IJ Research may formulate one your need.

For the specialty glass matter, IJ Research is unique. We strongly believe that IJ Research might be the only one

company or one of very few companies in the country who can formulate or are interested in formulating a sealing glass per a specific need. Some examples the company has experienced in the formulation past listed as follows:

a. Glass sealing silica and silica
b. Glass sealing optical fiber and fiber mount
c. Glass coating over Cu, Al, SST, etc.
d. Glass sealing at lower temperature to prevent heat exposure damage on other components
e. Application temperature can be higher than sealing temperature. It is based on nucleation and crystallization.
f. Glass coating on Al usable at sudden heat exposure without cracking or crazing
g. Glass coating OD as well as ID of a tube of virtually all metals and alloys.

IJ Research may offer a solution on both materials and processing for your need of either glass sealing.

IJ Research is also a source for your need of dielectric coating over your metal or alloy. If your substrate needs to have a vitreous coating over a ceramic, IJ Research also may help you on the glazing service. Again, we may be able take care of both the selection of the glazing material and the glazing process. Many of the sealing material are for coating as well but as requires, we may be able to formulate one for the specific need.

Please contact IJ Research using 1-714-546-8522 or [email protected].

Electrical feed through or micro-electronic package:

Housing          Glass          Conductor
Ni/Fe/Co alloy          Corning 7056, 7052          Ni/Fe/Co alloy
SST or steel          Corning 9010/9013          Ni/Fe alloy
Ni/Fe alloy          IJR glass          Ni/Fe/Co alloy
Ti IJR glass          Ni/Fe alloy, Ti, Pt, Ta, etc.         
SST 300 series          IJR glass          Inconel, SST, etc.
W, Mo IJR glass          W, Mo, graphite         
Inconel IJR glass          Inconel, Ni, steel, etc.         
Ceramic IJR glass          Ni/Fe/Co or Ni/Fe alloy, etc.         
SST 15-5PH          IJR devitrifying glass          Ceramic
Al IJR glass          Cu         
Cu IJR glass          Cu, SST 300 series