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Glass to Metal Seal
Glass to Metal Seals; GTM: In a glass to metal sealed electrical feed through we use a glass between the housing and the conductor pin for hermeticity and dielectric property requirement. Optical window uses an oxide sealant (or simply a sealing glass) for hermeticity and dielectric property as well. Some window caps, the window itself can be directly fused to the flange. The process requires a heating up the window glass beyond the softening point of the glass and in the working range of the glass, the glass will be softened up and flows to touch and seals to the flange. Using a fixture, one obtains a flat and smooth enough window cap assembly. Depending on the thermal properties of the component materials and applications, some seal might have more radial compression than other combinations. In a glass to metal seal electrical feed through, a typical pin shall be closely matched with the glass in terms of their CTEs in the design while the glass will be under a radial compression or closely matched with the flange depending on the flange material selected. They are called one as compression seal and the other one called as match seal.

IJ Research is one of the well-known manufacturers in industry for both feed though and optoelectronic assemblies since 1988. Over the years IJ Research has been experienced not only for those typical compression and matching seals, but also very special sealing techniques where the common compression or match seal glasses won’t help and they are glass-ceramic seal as well as devitrifying glass seal. Some has a name called S-glass seal.

Please click for a PDF copy of the brochures, Glass to Metal Seal,Hermetic seal as well as Sealing Glass List.