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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IJ stands for?
It stands for Intelligent Joining. IJ Research’s specialty is in joining, bonding, sealing, coating or electronic packaging using ceramic and metal together.

Is IJ Research a manufacturing company or a research organization?

IJ Research is a manufacturing company. IJ Research is our chosen name with an idea to convey our internal R & D capability to customers who may need initial research and development and qualification of IJ Research and its processes as it may needed prior to a volume production. IJ Research is not a pure research organization.

Why do customers come to IJ Research?

The sealing requires certain technologies and expertise on manufacturing know-how. From our multiple years of operation in the field in the recent years (since 1988), customers are aware of our outstanding reputation of quality, on-time delivery and a solution house of a challenging project in this industry. All the projects we carry in a regular base have went through certain qualification stages before they went into regular production modes. One of our prides is that we successfully complete the initial development stages with customers’ satisfactions. Customers would recognize soon thereafter how each project would be into their production.

IJ Research historically has been maintained extremely low rejection rates from the customers. We keep on time delivery with the exact quantities on the PO. IJ Research has been a dependable vendor for many of our customers.

What are the typical products in the Production Department?

They are feed through, certain structural seals of ceramic and metal and optical sensor window assemblies. Applications include military optical sensor window assemblies, optical window assemblies and electrical feed through for oil/gas applications, metalized ceramics for telecommunications, electrical feed through for automotive application, ceramic to metal seal in a spiral shape for analytical instrumentation use, graphite metallization for military application in their signal devices and many combinations of feed through and optical window in one unit.

Do you work on small jobs?

Each one of our current repeat orders started as a small prototype (a qualification lot) at the beginning of the project. The initial small job is very important for our future growth. Doing right for the initial small job is extremely important for our start for the possible growth in the future. While many of repeating production orders is in volume, all the prototypes are small runs. The opportunity working on initial small qualification lot is considered as a gift opportunity for us. Since we do not have our own products, working on such small qualification lot is the same as working our own product development. We will do our best for our success.

How much can customer depend on IJ Research?

Customers heavily depend on our service since we developed the unique processes and we have our duty to meet the customers’ needs. . Please contact us for any question you might have on our expertise, experience, practice in manufacturing or on qualification jobs, etc.

Can you speed up your development work of a challenging job?

This is our motto. By the nature what the company is, we hardly do delay, postpone, push out or put off. Our quality system reflects the motto as describing it in the manual. The system literally contains critical steps to be done in hours and not in days. When/if things are taken care of, the computerized system allows you to move to the next steps.

Since the procedures used and developed during the initial development stages will be implemented to Manufacturing Production Procedure (MPP), we need to have the first stage work correctly with proper validations and verifications. Yes, we do speed up as we normally do.