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Employment Opportunities

IJ Research’s products and services are being used in virtually all industries from aerospace, chemical industry, medical, oil/gas field to telecommunications. In order to support these broad industries, we require multiple disciplines such as inorganic materials science, ceramic engineering, metallurgical engineering, mechanical engineering and few other relevant majors along with manufacturing experience including QA.

Our facility is a manufacturing oriented and we are yet people oriented and each one of our employees is integral part to our business. Our policy is to provide an environment for your innovations, creativeness and experience in our diversified applications.

IJ Research has grown steadily over the years; one of the bases of our successful operation has been our employees’ contributions. In order to meet the current growth goals of this small company, we would need additional staff and you are welcomed to apply for. It is our belief that your professional career development will be one of this company’s assets. Your growth is our growth. You will gain in your experience and knowledge. The company is trying to be one of the best companies to work with at least in Southern California. We encourage you to contact our HR Department for employment consideration. Please send your resume to [email protected] address with Attention to HR Department.