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Electrically Conductive Ceramic

IJ Research offers a non-magnetic and yet electrically conductive ceramic since 1998. We are proud of providing this electrically conductive ceramic for your electrical conduction applications where a metal or alloy may not be preferred to use or prefer not to use. The electrical conductivity is about the same as that of Fe or Ni and while the Fe and Ni are magnets, IJ Research ceramic #1129 is virtually non-magnetic. One of the popular applications we have been experienced is for an electrode where a wear resistance and hardness are important and yet carry high electrical current. We have been told that this material works better than WC tip for the specific application. Another application might be in HCl and/or HF environment.

The material once produced is a chunk or a plate in a range of a total of 25 up to possible 50 cubic inches and we fabricate from the chunk to various shapes of parts and they could be smaller sheet, plate, rod or pin, etc.

Physical property

Use temperature: As high as 1,200OC in a controlled atmosphere
Hardness: 9+ on Mohs scale
Electrical Resistivity: 10-20 micro-ohm-cm at RT 60 microhm-cm at 1,000°C
Linear TCE: 80×10-7 /OC (RT-1,000OC)
Thermal Conductivity: 25-100 W/m°K
Flexural Strength: 50,000 psi at RT
Tensile Strength: 80,000 psi at RT
Compression Strength: 250,000-700,000 psi at RT
Solubility in Acid: Insoluble in HCl and HF. Reacts with hot H2SO4 and HNO3
Wear Resistance: Excellent

Note: Information above is not necessarily measured. The properties above are rather estimations based on what we understand the material, from available literature search and our application experience. There is no accuracy on the data above although the data might be close enough for the first approximations.

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