Since 1988, IJ Research has been well known company for hermetic seal products and services of such seal, bond and joint of ceramic and metal for medical, aerospace, military, oil and gas, telecommunication and semiconductor, various sensors and detector industries.

IJ Research has been a leading company working together with customers for their hermetic seals of ceramic and metal in their component level of assemblies, including for high temperature, cryogenic, high vacuum, high pressure and corrosive environment.

The service areas where IJ Research has been maintained a good reputation over the years are (1) technical consultations on the initial development stages with material selections and design assistance and (2) follow-up production lot manufacturing at a cost effective volume manufacturing practice. For specific applications, IJ Research has a long history working together with customers for their unique applications.

The company’s QA standard originates from military, aerospace and FDA standards. The current IJ Research QA system meets the ISO9001-2008 standards together with certain additions based on the aerospace and FDA standards. These additional features in the company ISO manual were the specific requirement by some of the current customers. Of course, since the QA system is for both old and new customers, IJ Research follows the current QA system for any/all Production lots we manufacture.

IJ Research’s manufacturing facility is housed in a modern two story building in Southern California of the U.S. In recent years, we have replaced few old equipment with new state of art digital controller units and the replacement activity will be continued in the next few more years until all replaced. As we added more new units for volume productions, we are now able to assign dedicate furnaces for specific processes. As an example, all the Au brazing is being done in dedicated furnaces. At very regular interval, we perform the biocompatibility test of each product. The new furnaces are all custom designed for our specific processing and many of them are remotely controllerable using smart phones or modern day electronic devices.

In terms of the technologies in place and years of accumulated manufacturing know-hows, we strongly believe that IJ Research is one of the leading ceramic to metal seal companies in the US and perhaps more likely in the World as well. As the name somewhat implies, IJ Research starts the work with best designs we can come up when/if customers need our input on the designs and best material selections we can suggest. We strongly believe that our Engineering has the required knowledge of the material behaviors not only in terms of our sealing processes, but also with respect to the applications.

We check if the customer’s drawings are made within our ceramic to metal seal guidelines for hermetic seal applications before we precede our hermetic seal processing. Once IJ Research is qualified by you, we will be in position to move along with your production lots.

IJ Research is a sealing house of ceramic and metal using either a metal (braze) or a ceramic (or glass) in-between. For certain configuration and situation of the application, IJ Research seals the ceramic and metal with nothing in-between. The materials we use but not limited are alumina, sapphire, zirconia, all other oxides, nitrides, borides, carbides, carbon and graphite products, diamond, etc. together with SST, carbon steel, Ti, Mo, W, Ni alloys, Pt, Pd, Ir, etc.