Coatings IJ Research Offers:

Glass Coating
Thin Film: Ti, Cr, Ni, Cu, Ag, Pt, W, Ti-W, etc.
Thick Film: Ag, Ag/Pd, Au, Au/Pt, Ni, W, Mo/Mn
Ceramic Metallization: UHT, HT, MT and LT
Glazing: Various glasses. Please refer to Corporate Literature, Sealing Glass List
Certain Polymer Coating
Anodizing on glass, ceramic and other metals than Al and Ti
Vacuum compatible ceramic coating
Specialty metallization designed for graphite

Substrates IJ Research applies to:

Al, Cu, Fe, SST and virtually all metals and alloys
Ceramics: Oxides and non-oxides
Vacuum compatible and non-vacuum compatible outgassing polymers
Graphite and carbon products including composites

Coating Characteristics

Dielectric or electrically conductive
Thermally resistive or conductive

Production Volume

Low and High Volumes

Typical Lead Time

Development: 2 weeks – 6 months
Qualification: 2 – 8 weeks
Details to be confirmed at the time of contract

Thick Film

Typical thick film paste of conductive or reistive application shall be either screen printed of air gun sprayed. IJ Research uses many of the commercial thick film pastes at between approximately 550OC and 950OC. The truly hermetic metallization from IJ Research (MT, HT and UHT) needs to fire between 800OC to 1,950OC in a controlled atmosdphere.

Please click the Corporate Literature PDF documentation on the subject Metallization.

Thin Flim

IJ Research has a capability of physical vapor deposition procssing and there are two systems in current IJ Research processing; sputtering and vacuum evaporation. IJ Research has its capability of utilizing both thin and thick films on one assembly as it may need.

Please click the Corporate Literature PDF documentation on the subject Thick Film. and Thin Film.