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Medical Feedthrough and Medical Optical Assembly

IJ Research maintains an excellent reputation on both medical feed through and medical opto-electronic optical window assemblies for our quality, delivery and pricing since we started our business.

They are being sued in FDA Class II and III classified medical implants as well as Class I medical device products. Typical feed through or header for Classification II and III is a multiple pin arrangement assembly that is composed of one Ti or Ti alloy flange, multiple Pt or Pt/Ir conductor lead pins and ceramic insulators in-between. Most popular optical window assembly is composed of one optical clarity sapphire window in Ti or Ti alloy flange.

As your reliable and dependable source of the component assemblies, IJ Research is proud of presenting our unique position in industry. First of all, IJ Research has in-depth knowledge on the hermetic sealing of these types of medical components. One of them we are on top position is the understanding the pertaining technologies. The second one is our extensive experience on the subject matter development and on-going next perfect system driven product manufacturing. The manufacturing experience comes from extensive prototyping, developing and on-going repeating manufacturing. As a result, our reputation on the reliability and dependability is more than excellent with well documented record of extremely low customer complaints, no missing the delivery dates, and exact quantity deliveries as scheduled.

As IJ Research can be your source for either a new product or existing products, our manufacturing system is ready to take care of either or both. If there are any challenging issues on the new products, IJ Research will certainly try the best to offer you a solution during the qualification period and scale up for your production requirement.If it is for one
Using a flux is not bad idea as long as you can control to take the entire flux out after the process is done without leaving any residue of the flux.

As long as the excess flux comes on top of the joint or soldered assemblies, you might be able to remove using an appropriate solvent.

established product, we will go into the prompt qualification lot processing so that we can go into a production lot manufacturing right after the qualification work.

Our dedicate equipment assignment system for a specific processing or a particular customer supports our need of complete biocompatibility requirement and on-time exact quantity delivery.

It is our commitment to deliver on time as our system sets up. Our past year history supports excellent on-time delivery records. The system set-up would make sure that we will continue the deliveries on time as we have been demonstrated for many past years.

IJ Research is ready to answer any/all your questions; possibly any concerns in metallurgical behavior of the materials such as a metallurgical aspects of Ti/Au phases, vapor pressure, analytical ability of seal interface, chemical distribution, failure analysis, how extensive in the processes, QA system, how IJ Research handles the customer returns and how often, delivery consistency, price compatibility, etc.

While we sometime need to manufacture the assemblies as shown on the customer prints, we often suggest modifying some features on the prints for better quality and cost effectiveness on volume manufacturing. Almost all of the products IJ Research carries have been at least once modified on some features on the prints. Many of the changes went through new medical regulatory approval processes.

Please contact IJ Research using 1-714-546-8522 or [email protected].