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Laser Beam Welding (LBW)
Laser Welding (LW) (Starting from 2007)

Laser beam welding or laser welding is being used for hermetic seal and structural joining of two metals or alloys together. Laser welding delivers generally a smallest beam diameter in the range of a few thousands of inches. The next one might be EB welding for small beam diameter.

Biomedical and many sensor optical component packages are relatively small and therefore the adjacent glass or sapphire window to metal seal can be damaged from the welding if the seal is too close to the welding line. The 2 mm penetration weld depth is considered as the maximum safe depth and yet, we will need to be careful not to damage the seal line. IJ Research utilizes the best available material combinations to minimize the damage understanding the materials properties such as thermal diffusivity, melting point, boiling point, thermal conductivity, etc.