Coating Service
Coatings Substrates
Coating Characteristics
Ceramic Coating Aluminum Dielectric or conductive
Glass Coating Copper Resistive
Thin Film Stainless Steel Polymer
Thick Film Steel
Ceramic Metallization Other metals and Alloys
Anti-Reflective (A/R) Coating Ceramics: Oxides as well as Non-Oxides Application Process
Glazing Polymers that typically outgas during thin film coating Thin film: Evaporation and Sputtering
Polymer Coating Thick film: Screen Printing, Spraying, Dipping in Slurry, Brushing, Rolling, etc.
Anodizing over glass, ceramic and other metals than Al and Ti Production Volume Typical Lead Time
Specialty Custom Formulation of Glaze or Glass Low Volume to High Volume Coating Service: 2 days to 2 weeks
Development: 2 weeks – 6 months
Qualification: 2 – 8 weeks
Analytical service: 2 – 6 weeks
Details to be confirmed at the time of contract
Additional Information
Industry Focus Industry Standards
Medical ISO 9001:2008
Defense Qualified By
Military Major medical companies throughout the world
Aerospace/Defense DoD prime contractors and subcontractors
Automotive Oil industries throughout the world
Oil & Gas Exploration Telecommunication industries
Chemical Processing Many sensors and detectors
Drug and Pharmaceutical Average years with IJ Research: Minimum 5 years as of 2012
Food Industry
Space Program

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